Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

I cannot recall when or why I became fascinated with French Limoges Boxes. It all started with a self indulgent moment in 2005 when I decided to search for an affordable one on eBay. I found a tiny black and tan dachshund ( another passion of mine, more on that sometime later). I ended up bidding and viola the beginning of an addictive collection. Well, several months later, I had accumulated quite a few so I decided to try selling one. The one I decided to sell was a pretty pink floral pillow shape that spun around on my shelf and I was afraid it would break. That $25 box ended up selling for almost $100. I was hooked! That led to several good years on eBay, achieving PowerSeller status and opening a store, but I recently became frustrated with the venue, high fees and DSR's among other things ( I will go into THAT someday, too!) . The fun was gone.
In December 2008 I found the best Christmas present ever, Bonanzle, a new selling format just launched several months earlier with a supportive grassroots community, chat features and founders that have a vision to make selling & buying online fun again. I set up my 'booth' uploaded to Google Base, joined Plumdrop, Linkreferral & Facebook. Then I started Twittering and now decided to Blog. Why? Several reasons, one being that there is very little published reference material on Limoges Boxes. I have accumulated a lot of information which I would like to share. Second, I would like to network with others that share similar interests such as collecting, online selling, and of course, Limoges Boxes. I have a vision for this blog which will most likely grow and change with time, just as we all do.

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