Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Cornucopia of Clasps

Almost every Limoges Box has a decorative clasp that matches the theme of the piece, as well as the banding and serves a keep the box closed with a 'snap'. These clasps come in a wide array of styles from simple round buttons, bows and hearts to the very elaborate, and all are slightly bent to catch the metal banding and close securely. Some collectors focus on the clasp and will purchase a piece simply because it has an unusual clasp.

This clasp is made from 24k gold plated sterling silver from Faberge and the design is the Romanov Double Eagle.

The French farmhouse theme is repeated here with this hen clasp from a box featuring a rooster.

This exquisite seahorse is found on an oyster box which opens to a 'pearl' inside and this bottle of French Chamagne has a bunch of grapes at the tip of the Eiffel Tower.