Monday, April 6, 2009

The Makers - Sinclair Limoges

Sinclair is an importer & distributor of fine Limoges Porcelain. Sinclair's founder & president, Hughes Longelin-Pingle has been at the helm since 1995. He has been a passionate collector of Limoges Boxes for over 10 years and personally owns every number 1 of all the limited edition Boxes Sinclair has created. Sinclair also creates fine dinnerware & jewelry boxes.

Here is the lovely Marilyn Monroe, note the special attention to the detail on her face and the hue of her skin. This is a fine example of an exquisite mold, artistry and detail. The chain around her neck is real, and the clasp adds to the overall effect with the delicate fan shaped filigree.

This particular box was created in 2000 and is numbered 18 of a total of 750 created. The black sunglasses inside add a bit of movie star whimsy.

Sinclair is based in Hollywood, Florida and has a great deal of boxes with themes influenced by the United States.

Currently, I have two Sinclair boxes in my booth at Bonanzle, both with limited quantities of 750.

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  1. The black sunglasses inside are cute!

  2. This is a very nice and unusual Limoges box.