Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to open your Limoges Box

How to Open Your Limoges Box
Before attempting to open your Limoges box, please carefully read these instructions:
  1. Make sure clasp on front of metal band is facing you.
  2. Place thumbnails in between the two halves of the metal bands.
  3. Gently pull thumbnails in opposite directions until box opens. The clasp is decorative only and does not cause the box to snap open or closed.
  4. NEVER pull on the porcelain to open the box. NEVER pull on the clasp. NEVER try to force the box open. NEVER use a knife blade or sharp object to open the box - it may scratch the rim or puncture your hand!
  5. Once opened, never pressure the hinge to go backwards if there is resistance... that is designed into the box. NEVER slam the box closed, as this may cause the porcelain to crack or break.
  6. Invariably, your friends will want to open your boxes, and that's generally asking for trouble. It's best if you open the box for your friend, and hand it to him or her open.

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