Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Makers - DuBarry

DuBarry, makers of Limoges Porcelain de France, has been owned by the same family for the past 46 years. They have always specialized in the making of hand painted boxes as collectibles but are relatively new to America introducing their boxes here in 1996. Prior to that time they were sold exclusively in Europe and Great Britain where they were, and are now, well known as makers of Limoges boxes.
The DuBarry collection is quite varied but always has included a very large selection of classic boxes, exquisitely painted in the most traditional designs, often based on the original 18th century Sevres and Vincennes patterns. Unlike other makers who limit production on many of their boxes, DuBarry prides themselves on offering continuity in their classics.
DuBarry was chosen by The Prince's Trust, the world renowned charity which is headed by Prince Charles of England, to produce The Mask Boxes; boxes all based on the same concept but each individually designed by
world famous celebrities
such as Sir Elton John, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sting,
Bette Midler, Placido Domingo, Stirling Moss,
Paloma Picasso to name just a few of the five
hundred masks in the collection.
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